Home for old elephants - level 3, A12

Home for old elephants - level 3, A12

16-08-2012 18:00

Welcome to Green Hill Valley in Burma, a retirement home for elephants.  Ranging from 41 to 52 years old, they’re all suffering from the sorts of elements which come with age.

“One has a problem with eye and the other elephant also has a problem with eyes and one has a problem with the heart. And some of them, they are attacked by wild elephants in the forest, so they got infections.”

The elephants moved in about a year ago along with 9 mahouts, the elephant trainers who live in huts in the mountains to stay near the animals. Green Hill’s owners say they’re all about responsible tourism. The want visitors to see elephants in their natural environment, and not as creatures for entertainments.

“Elephants are elephants. Elephants, they are wildlife. I mean, they are animals. So they are not a, I mean, artist for the painting. They are not the footballer, for example. So, we just, you know, keep elephant as an elephant. That’s it.”

It’s currently costing around 50 000 dollars a year to run the camp. Owners say if they can raise more money, there could be room for a few more elephants.


Interesting words: range from to (be between), elements (things), along with (together with), mahout (elephant trainer), all about (very interested in), room (space).

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