Honey on a road - level 3

Honey on a road - level 3

01-04-2014 07:00

Drivers in Los Angeles were left in a bit of a sticky situation when a truck carrying 42 thousand pounds of honey overturned on Monday afternoon.

The accident forced the LA freeway to back up for miles, as four lanes of the road were closed.

TV footage shows the sticky load flowing from the truck onto the shoulder of the freeway.

Due to worries of the honey running into storm drains, crews made quick work of the sticky mess and launched a clean-up operation. A tow truck also arrived to help upright the tractor.

Authorities said no other vehicles were involved in the crash and nobody was injured.

Difficult words: a bit of a sticky situation (the drivers were in a bad situation AND the drivers could not move because of the sticky honey), back up (to form traffic jams), shoulder (strip for stopping in an emergency), due to (because of), storm drain (canal where water goes to the ocean and rivers), tow truck (truck which pulls other vehicles).

Do you like honey?

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