Hornets attack children - level 3

Hornets attack children - level 3

24-10-2013 14:00

Nearly 30 children have suffered severe organ failures after a number of hornet attacks in southwest China's Guizhou Province since early September. Sixteen year old Fu Huanhuan was stung more than 70 times while she was working on a farm and almost lost her life.

"A lot of hornets surrounded my head. My head felt really sore and my heart started racing."

Ten year old Zhang Ye suffered from shock and multiple organ failure. She was saved by blood transfusion and hemodialysis treatment.

"The most severely stung child has almost 200 stings on the head, and even the less injured children have over 50 sting marks. Most of them were suffering from multiple organ failures when they were taken to the hospital. They need many courses of blood purification and it will take a long time to recover."

Experts say improved vegetation may be behind the unusually high number of attacks by hornets, which they described as an aggressive insect that is most active in the summer and autumn.

Difficult words: severe (very serious), stung (sting), sore (painful), purification (making something pure – clean).

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