Horror in a cafe - level 3

Horror in a cafe - level 3

18-10-2013 14:00

“Oh my God!”

That sucks. I’m sorry.”

“You just ruined all of my stuff!”

You don’t want to spill this woman’s coffee. You really don’t because bad things happen to people who upset her--told you.

“Just get away from me… Get out of my way!”

“Oh my God!”

Has she got evil powers? Could be. Freaking out the good souls in this New York coffee shop, who only wanted a latte for crying out loud and maybe a bagel. But not some supernatural experience. That was definitely not on the menu. Of course it’s a set-up and a pretty good one.

Come on… you spotted the wires didn’t you? Movie special effects by well, a movie company. The studio behind the remake of Stephen King horror classic “Carrie,” deciding to mess with people’s heads. Pretty elaborate. And as for the girl, she’s really quite nice. See? She’s smiling and high-fiving the guy. Just wait till she finds out the cafe’s burnt her toast though. Hopefully movie bosses aren’t working on remakes of “Jaws” or “The Exorcist,” pranking people with fake shark attacks and comedy demonic possessions.

Difficult words: suck (be bad), freak out (make scared), for crying out loud (idiom similar to "for god's sake"), bagel (small ring-shaped type of bread), supernatural (magical), set-up (planned thing), elaborate (complicated and well prepared), prank (trick), demonic possession (situation when somebody is controlled by something evil).

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