Horse in a tweed suit – level 3

23-03-2016 15:00

A day at the races is an excuse to dress up, but there’s a new challenger for best dressed at this year’s Cheltenham Festival – veteran race horse Morestead. He and champion jockey Sir Tony McCoy have pulled on the tweed suits as that’s the material of choice for the event.

“I think the tweed really suits Morestead and I think he’s certainly doing the best dressed horse.“

This very special suit is made from authentic Harris Tweed by former Alexander McQueen apprentice Emma Sandham-King.

“Me and my team have been working day and night to get this finished and to get looking spot-on. Cheltenham’ s really renowned for its tweed and we want this to be the best suit there.”

It’s took four weeks for her and her team to create the suit, using more than 18 metres of the genuine tweed; that’s ten times as much fabric as is needed for a human suit.

This tweed suit just adds the amount of material expected at the race; it’s estimated the amount on show could stretch from the race course all the way to Ireland.

Morestead’s statement suit certainly gives the term clothes horse a brand new meaning.

Difficult words: challenger (somebody who takes part in a competition, or a race), tweed (a type of fabric usually used for suits), former (ex-), apprentice (a trainee, a student), spot-on (perfect), renowned (to have reputation, to be famous), genuine (authentic, real), , statement suit (a suit made for making an impression), clothes horse (a coat stand, a hanger – something you hang your cloths on).



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