Horsemeat Helicopter - level 3

Horsemeat Helicopter - level 3

11-06-2015 15:00

Why would you not build a helicopter out of horsemeat? It seems logical to me! And it certainly did to this lot in the Russian town of Kumertau who attempted to create the world’s biggest helicopter model made of horsemeat. I know, it all makes sense now!

A model, created of horsemeat sausages, as well as various other horse products, was delivered to the town's main square on top of a truck. It had rotating blades which were proudly demonstrated to the fascinated crowd by a group of local chefs. People were even seen taking selfies with the model.

Here's the explainer…

Life in Kumertau revolves around its main industrial hub – a helicopter-making plant. And horsemeat is the traditional cuisine from that part of Russia. Get it now?

The helicopter model was thoroughly measured by a group of experts, which included experienced chefs from Russia and abroad.

Although the model, which was over 3.5 metres long and about 1.8 metres high, weighing over 120 kilos, attracted a lot of attention from residents, and got into a local book of records, no one was allowed to nibble the sausages off the helicopter after the record was set.

Local authorities said it was unsafe to feed the crowd with meat in an open public space in summer. The meat wasn't really for eating though, was it? They were just horsing around!

Difficult words: attempt (to try), hub (the center of an activity), resident (a person who resides somewhere – lives somewhere), nibble (to eat small amounts of food by taking very small bites), horse around informal (to fool around).


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