Horses can read emotions - level 3

Horses can read emotions - level 3

17-02-2016 15:00

The special bond between humans and horses has been well documented. Some would say we even share certain expressions. Well, now a new research shows horses really can read human emotions.

In an experiment using photographs of male human faces, scientists discovered horses can distinguish between angry and happy faces and react accordingly.

These riders at Ebony Horse Club in London say there is a special relationship between humans and horses.

“So if you're happy and relaxed, then they'll be relaxed and they’ll just help you.”

“Sometimes I think they just know when you're not having a great day; they can make you feel much better. Obviously, they react if you are behaving around them in quite an angry manner; they normally react to that, so they do definitely make you aware of your own emotions and how you behave.”

Sue Collins from the centre isn't surprised by the findings.

“We see kids come here, in very stressful situations they can be in and we know that if they’re calm and they know that if they’re calm, the horse will respond well to them.”

The horses were also fitted with heart monitors which revealed that angry faces cause their heart rates to rise significantly.

Difficult words: bond (a relationship, a connection), document (to record), distinguish (to tell the difference), manner (a way), significantly (a lot).


How do you think horses understand our faces?

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