Hot air balloon crashed in Egypt – level 3

Hot air balloon crashed in Egypt – level 3

04-03-2013 14:00

Caught on camera, the moment a hot air balloon crashed near the Egyptian town of Luxor. At least 19 people were killed when the balloon came down in farmland, not far from the Valley of the Kings.

It’s said to have been 1,000 feet in the air, before it exploded. Captured by a passenger in another balloon, the footage shows smoke pouring out, before it deflates and the basket crashes to earth.

Two Britons and one British resident died in the accident. One Egyptian was also killed. Other victims are thought to include tourists from Japan, China, France and Hungary. The pilot survived by jumping from the basket, as it went up in flames. Rescue workers gathered the dead from the field where the remains of the balloon and other pieces of wreckage landed.

Hot air ballooning at dawn is popular with tourists in Luxor. All flights have now been suspended pending an investigation.

Interesting words: footage (film), deflates (let the air out of something), flames (fire), gather (collect), remains (things which are left), wreckage (parts of something that are left after a disaster), dawn (time when the sun goes down), suspended (stopped), pending (waiting for something).

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