House in a river - level 3

House in a river - level 3

16-05-2013 06:00

Emergency crews in southwest China have staged a dramatic rescue after a fast-flowing flooded river trapped a man in his home.

After eight hours of continuous rain, the Nangao river had covered roads and fields and rushed into Li Jingping's house. Rescuers had to use bamboo to throw two ropes across to him.

One was tied to a doorframe, the other made a slipknot so he could be pulled to safety.

"It thundered yesterday and then rain followed. I thought it might be like the day before yesterday and there was nothing serious but when the day broke at six, the flood became more and more torrential. At 4 o' clock it was already impossible to go out."

Interesting words: tie (fasten something around something else), slipknot (special knot on a rope), broke (started), torrential (flowing fast with force).

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