House on a house - level 3

House on a house - level 3

19-08-2013 14:00

Want a house with a view but can't afford hilltop prices? You could take a leaf out of the book of a man who built a large villa on top of a Beijing apartment block.

Clever thinking, except he's now been given 15 days to dismantle his eye-catching residence or it will be destroyed. Seems the authorities were not thinking along the same lines. Work began on the villa six years ago and the mountain of imitation rocks and plants have been taking shape in recent months and residents of the 26-storey building have complained to the local government.

Authorities are worried that extreme weather could cause the villa to be blown down or it could be hit by lightning and residents fear the extra weight could cause the roof of the building to fall in. And it seemed Mr Zhang, who owns the flat but has never turned up to any official meetings, didn't get permission to build, either. With all the attention this case is getting, people are coming down to take a look at the apartment block villa before the owner's fifteen days is up and his home with an amazing view is demolished.

Difficult words: take a leaf out of the book of (copy), dismantle (take to pieces), authorities (leaders).

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