House with 100 windows - level 3, A12

House with 100 windows - level 3, A12

24-04-2012 22:00

This house is very special. The house has almost 100 small windows. The windows are there for a very practical reason. A husband and a wife who live in the house cannot hear. However, they have two sons and they have to communicate with them.

They asked Takeshi Hosaka, a famous architect, to design a house for them. Takeshi came up with the idea of many small windows. It is much easier for inhabitants of this house to communicate with each other through windows.

The house has two floors. Two small rooms are downstairs and one big room is upstairs. There are olive trees going through the floors. They are designed for communication too. For example as a signal that someone wants to speak to the others.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: come up, inhabitant.

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