Hoverbikes for American soldiers - level 3

Hoverbikes for American soldiers - level 3

26-06-2015 15:00

American soldiers could soon be carrying out missions on hoverbikes. British developers Malloy Aeronautics have worked with US engineers to create a prototype bike for the Department of Defence.

The new bike would replace many of the jobs a helicopter is currently used for. One of the advantages of the hoverbike is its safety mechanism. It has guarded rotors which protect people and property if it were to bump into them by bringing the aircraft out of the air.

The hoverbike is less expensive to buy and run than a helicopter. It’s also smart. It has on-board sensors and autopilot features which allow the hoverbike to act like a drone.

The US Department of Defence is interested in hoverbike technology because it can support multiple roles.

It will now be developed in Maryland for the American army to use in search-and-rescue operations, medical emergency situations, and to place cargo into confined spaces.

It can be used to transport logistics and supplies. It can fly unmanned as well as operate as a surveillance platform.

Difficult words: developer (a person who develops/creates something), rotor (the moving part), cargo (things which are being transported), confined (small or closed-in), surveillance platform (something which can be used for watching people by police, for example).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

What do you think about this technology?

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