How to speak perfect English - level 3, A12

How to speak perfect English - level 3, A12

28-02-2012 21:00

This video is from one teacher in Japan. It can help you improve your English speaking. I have tested this method myself and I agree with the teacher. Try it and you will see how fast you can improve.

These are his words:

Hi, Julian here. OK, so, I’ve been teaching English in Japan for quite a long time now. And one of the biggest things that people ask me is, “How do I get really good at speaking fluently like a native speaker?” Well, that’s an easy question to answer but it’s also a very difficult question to answer.

First, listening. You must listen to a lot of English. If you want get good at speaking, then you must get very good at listening to English first.

Also pronunciation is very important. As well as speaking practice. The speaking practice. Whenever I say that to my students, often what they say is, “But Julian, this is Japan. This is a Japanese speaking country. There aren’t that many opportunities to speak with people in English.” And that’s true. And speaking with people in English is one way to practice speaking English.

But that’s a different type of practice. That’s conversation practice. That’s not the same as practising to speak fluently.

Now, to practise to speak fluently, you can do that at home by yourself using the same materials as you use for your listening practice.

Now, I always recommend to people these wonderful books from Penguin. I have quite a few of them here. This one is about Britain. I recommend it. Now, these books are really amazing because they also come with a CD. And the CD has the whole book recorded as an audio book.

And I’ve recommended these in some of my other videos for listening practice. So, first, listen to the CDs as many times as you can. 10 times, 20 times, 50 times is fine. But how is that gonna help you with your speaking? Well, what you can do is use a technique called “Shadowing”. You might have heard of this before. Many people have, many people don’t actually use it. Now, I recommend you start using it because it’s a very good way to get good at speaking.

What do you do? You listen to your CD as many times as you can. Next, take your book and just read through it. This is a good chance for you to use your dictionary and search for any words that you don’t know. Once you finished the book, you’ve looked up all the words in the dictionary, go back to the CD and listen to it just one more time.

Now, next, this is where you start training yourself to speak like a native speaker. “Shadowing” basically just means to shadow the CD, speak with the CD, to copy the CD. You should be listening to rhythm and tone, pronunciation, and copying those things as closely as you possibly can. Make your voice sound as close to the speaker on the CD as you possibly can.

OK, I’m gonna demonstrate. So, you have your book, you have your CD. You’ve listened to the CD several times. You should be used to this right now. You’ve read the book as well.

Start your CD and just read up loud, as loud as you can with the CD.

“In another part of the city, Jamie was preparing to go out. His girlfriend Katia watched him from the bed. I am going to be late for the wedding, he said anxiously. It’s just around the corner. You’ll be there in time. You really don’t mind going out without you, he asked.”

OK, I think that’s enough. You get the idea.

Now, you should aim to finish the whole book. But that’s gonna take a long time. Don’t try to do the whole thing in one go. Just 5 minutes at a time is probably enough. And any difficult sections, go over those sections again and again and again and again. Don’t just do them once. Keep on practising them till you get it perfect.

And then when you’ve got a section perfect, go on to the next section. Get that so you can do it perfectly. Go on to the next section. Keep on going until you finish the book. And again, that’s gonna take time, but that’s OK. If it takes you two months, it doesn’t matter. It’s not about finishing quickly. It’s about finishing properly. Do it well the first time. Get your pronunciation right. Get the rhythm right. And that way, you’ll save a lot of time in the long run.

Now, when you finish the book, you’ve got really good with the book. You can take this a step further like getting rid of the book and do exactly the same thing but without the book. So use the CD, speak with it. Practise speaking as the CD speaks. For example: “In another part of the city, Jamie was preparing to go out. His girlfriend Katia watched him from the bed. I am going to be late for the wedding, he said anxiously.”

OK, I think it’s enough.

Now, it’s quite difficult at first even for a native speaker. It’s pretty difficult. But that’s fine because you have time, just repeat it again and again. Practise until you get really good. That is the important thing.

Now, what this shadowing does is it gets your ear listening very carefully to what’s being said. Not just to what’s being said but also to the rhythm and the pronunciation. It gets your really listening. And this is a great way to practise your listening skills, which again is the first thing you need to get good at to be able to speak well.

The second thing it does is trains your mouth to move in the correct way. You can’t just hear a word, read a word, know a word, say it. You have to teach your mouth how to speak fluently. You need to teach your mouth how to move.

And shadowing like this will get you used to the patterns of English. It’ll get you moving your mouth right. It’ll get it all into your head. It’ll train your ear.

So, that’s about it. Just keep doing it. Keep practising it. Get your pronunciation perfect.

OK, I think that’s about all for today. Thank you very much and for more information, please check my website, On there you’ll find free English lessons and a lot more hints and tips on how to get good at English.

Thank you very much.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

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