Human teeth in a statue - level 3

Human teeth in a statue - level 3

27-08-2014 15:00

Restoration experts in Mexico were left shocked after they discovered an 18th century statue of Christ contained real human teeth.

Art restoration specialists from Mexico's National School of Restoration x-rayed the figure before starting their project, but what they found was far more surprising.

When the X-rays came back, the team discovered the teeth in the statue once belonged to an adult human, before they were inserted into the head of the Christ figure.

“In this case we found that it has teeth that belonged to a human. We noticed it because the roots can be perfectly seen in the X-rays.”

Teeth and nails in some statues are often made of animal bone but it’s rare that human teeth would be used.

“In the 18th century, people often donated human hair and clothes to be used on statues to give them a more realistic look.”

Difficult words: art restoration specialist (person who makes art look like how it used to look), x-ray (to photograph something with x-ray, which is an electromagnetic wave which can pass through many materials).


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