Hundred cars on a bridge - level 3

Hundred cars on a bridge - level 3

09-09-2013 14:00

From the air, a view of a major pile-up involving more than a hundred vehicles. In thick fog, cars, lorries and even a car transporter collided on the new Sheppey crossing bridge in Kent.

The actual crash carried on for up to 10 minutes with witnesses hearing continuous screeching as brakes ground onto wheels to try to prevent hitting other vehicles.

Witnesses saw little. In fact, visibility was down to 20 yards in places. Some of those involved said there were motorists driving like idiots before the crash.

In the clearer light of day, the extent of the damage is shocking. Luckily, none of the vehicles were tipped over the edge of the road. However, more than 200 people are thought to be injured with some seriously wounded--none dead so far.

Around thirty ambulances and cars were at the scene this morning and the injured taken to various hospitals.

Difficult words: pile-up (crash with more vehicles), lorry (a big car), collide (hit by accident when moving), screeching (high unpleasant sound), brake (thing in a car that can make it go slower or stop), tip (turn over), wounded (injured).

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