Ice cream robot in China - level 3

Ice cream robot in China - level 3

15-01-2015 15:00

She’s a robot who prepares ice cream, she costs just under 160,000 pounds and she’s causing quite a stir at a shopping mall in Shenyang in Northeast China.

People of all ages have been coming to get served by the robot sales girl.

This local resident says she’s impressed with the robot’s ice cream making skills and has only seen the like in the movies.

The robot’s installed in a transparent vending machine and makes six flavours of ice cream.

Her movements are controlled by a computer and according to shopping mall staff, she operates in a highly accurate way. Just as well! They probably wouldn’t want a load of ice cream ending up on the floor!

What a pro! Glad all the attention’s not putting her off!

Difficult words: stir (excitement among people), the like (something of the same kind), transparent (when you can see through something), vending machine (a machine that gives you food if you put money in it), staff (people who work somewhere), attention (when people watch something closely), put somebody off (when you feel uncomfortable).


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