Ice hits a car - level 3

Ice hits a car - level 3

02-12-2013 06:00

Shocking footage has captured the moment a driver in China escaped death after a huge block of ice fell on a car.

The luxury SUV Land Rover was traveling down a busy main street in China’s northernmost major city Harbin before the ice block suddenly hit the car.

CCTV footage shows a large icy mist spreading across the street as pedestrians run for cover after the incident on Friday.

Local media said no one was seriously injured, but the car was heavily damaged. The roof was crushed in and the entire front right side of the windshield was smashed.

Difficult words: northernmost (furthest north), mist (cloud), pedestrian (somebody who is walking), run for cover (run and try to find a place to hide), smash (break into pieces).

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