Ice hockey is the fastest game - level 3, A12

Ice hockey is the fastest game - level 3, A12

18-04-2012 22:00

Ice hockey is a sport played by two teams on ice. There are six players on the ice at a time, but a whole team has over 20 players. Ice hockey is a very fast game. It is the fastest team game on the planet.

Ice hockey is popular only in some countries where the winters are long and the ice on the lakes is thick enough to hold the players. It was during these long winters when the tradition of playing ice hockey started. The best seven countries in the world are Canada, the US, Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Finland and Slovakia.

The game was invented in Canada in the 19th century and the best league in the world is the NHL, which is in Canada and the US. At the end of every season, usually in April, teams play in the playoffs. This is the most important part of the season. Teams play harder, players concentrate more and sometimes do different rituals and film special videos for their fans.

One team from Slovakia prepared this special video before the playoffs. They tried to do haka similar to the New Zealand rugby team.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: invent, ritual.

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