Ice men in Chile - level 3, A12

Ice men in Chile - level 3, A12

24-08-2012 18:00

An artist in Chile has come up with a chilly way to get people engaging with her latest project, by creating an army of a thousand frozen ice men and asking volunteers to help create and display them in a race not only against the clock but also against the rising temperature.

Brazilian sculptor Nele Azevedo created the tiny ice sculptures with the aim that they would invoke a range of different interpretations amongst the crowd of onlookers as the figures slowly melted away into the Santiago pavement.

“This work was planned to be a monument but as soon as it’s open to interpretation, it can be understood in a lot of different ways.”

The University of Chile had invited the artist to participate in their environmental law conference where climate change was hot on the agenda and as soon as the figures were in place, Mother Nature was doing her worst to spoil the party, reducing the army of sculptures to nothing more than a puddle in less than an hour.


Interesting words: chilly (cold), engage with (take part in), tiny (small), invoke (create), range (different things that have something similar), onlookers (someone who watches), agenda (program), spoil (destroy), puddle (small pool).

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