Incident in a synagogue - level 3

Incident in a synagogue - level 3

16-12-2014 07:00

This amateur video footage shows the moments leading up to when a New York police officer fatally shot a man armed with a knife.

The dramatic scenes came after the man stabbed a Jewish student in a Brooklyn synagogue on Tuesday.

Police quickly stepped in, as Calvin Peters aged 49, who has a history of mental illness, stabbed and wounded 22-year-old Levi Rosenblatt.

Police can be seen confronting the suspect who can be seen waving the knife around, threatening other worshippers. The officers can then be heard shouting at him, ordering him to drop the knife.

Police said the officer shot once, hitting Peters in the torso. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Rosenblatt was stabbed in the left temple and is in a stable condition at the hospital.

Difficult words: amateur (to do something without being paid), fatally (causing death), confront (when you try to deal with something directly), worshipper (a person who believes in God or Gods), torso (the middle part of the body), pronounce (to say officially), temple (side of the head).


Do you agree with the policeman's action?

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