India’s first hand transplant - level 3

India’s first hand transplant - level 3

09-02-2015 15:00

Doctors have successfully conducted India's first double hand transplant.

On Saturday, it was announced that train accident victim Manu successfully underwent surgery at the Amrita Institute of Medical Science.

He received the hands of a 24-year-old road accident victim, which involved 20 surgeons and took over 16 hours over January 12th and 13th.

At a news conference on Saturday Manu said he's delighted with his new hands.

“I am very happy. After I lost my hands, I was very scared but now I am happy that my hands have been operated on and restored, and I can do all of my regular activities.”

The breakthrough surgery has been hailed as a major achievement for India. It's the first time a hand transplant has been carried out in the Asian subcontinent and probably the first where the transplant has been done on non white skin. Manu, who works in event management, lost his hands when he was thrown out of a moving train after trying to stop a group of people disturb a female passenger.

Difficult words: conduct (to carry out, do), announce (to tell to people), undergo – underwent – undergone (to have something done to you), restore (to fix), breakthrough (important), hail (to praise something and say that it’s great or important), subcontinent (a southern part of a large area of land), disturb (to do something not nice).


Did you see the video? The man looks more shocked than happy, doesn't he?

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