Islamic State oil goes to Turkey - level 3

Islamic State oil goes to Turkey - level 3

01-12-2015 07:00

Earlier this month, the Russian military released this footage which purports to show the bombing of Islamic State oil infrastructures. And now, President Vladimir Putin claims truckloads of oil controlled by the terrorist group, which calls itself Islamic State, are traveling to Turkey.

In a press conference held with the French president Francois Hollande, the Russian president urged Turkey to investigate the situation. Mr Putin said the amount of oil being transported out from the Syrian border is on an industrial scale, and that they are sent from regions controlled by the terrorist group rather than from other places.

He added that Russian jets have witnessed these from the sky, and that the fuel tankers have been entering Turkey day and night. The Russian president said that corruption must have been involved in such a large-scale import oil and oil products, and for that reason he urged Turkey to conduct a thorough investigation into the case.

Difficult words: purport (to appear), infrastructure (the buildings and services that a place needs so that it can exist), claim (to say), truckloads of (a lot of), urge (to recommend something strongly), industrial scale (a very large amount), conduct (to carry out), thorough (careful).


What do you think about this situation with Turkey?

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