Islands after earthquake and tsunami – level 3

Islands after earthquake and tsunami – level 3

11-02-2013 14:00

These are some of the images emerging from the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the Solomon Islands on Wednesday. The powerful 8.0 magnitude quake set off a tsunami, measuring three feet, killing at least five people and flooding villages on the island of Santa Cruz.

Runways on the island have been damaged so no emergency supplies have been able to get there. A ship is due to arrive on Friday evening with supplies. Around 40 aftershocks have hit the islands since Wednesday.

This plane carrying the Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo was forced to turn back as another aftershock hits. Lilo said he would soon declare a state of disaster in the affected areas.

Interesting words: emerge (come to light), aftermath (the situation after some disaster), quake (earthquake), set off (started), aftershock (small earthquake that happens after a larger one).

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