It is Easter - level 3, A12

It is Easter - level 3, A12

08-04-2012 22:00

Easter is a special day for people who are Christians. It is the day when Jesus Christ returned from the dead. Christians believe that it is the most important day in the year. Some people who are not Christians celebrate it as the beginning of spring.

Christians believe that Jesus was killed on the cross about 2000 years ago by the Romans in a city called Jerusalem. The people killed him because they believed that he was making trouble for the government. He was killed on Friday but on Sunday he returned from the dead. This made people believe that Jesus was the powerful Son of God.

Today, people celebrate Easter in a number of different ways. They give each other colourful Easter eggs. They hide eggs for children. They visit friends and family and have a lovely meal together. Even people who are not Christians dress nicely and go to church at Easter. For some people it is the celebration of new life which comes every spring.

In the video, you can see how people celebrate Easter in the US.

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