Ivory burning in Kenya – level 1

Ivory burning in Kenya – level 1

10-05-2016 07:00

This news is about ivory. Ivory is a material. It comes from an elephant’s tusks. It is an expensive material. People kill elephants to get it and sell it. This is a problem.

Kenya wants to stop the elephant killing. It confiscates 100 tons of ivory. 100 tons of ivory comes from around 7,000 elephants. Kenya burns the ivory.

The Kenyan president sets the ivory on fire. He also talks about the problem. He says that he wants to stop the ivory market.

People come to the burning event. There are presidents of other African countries. Not all presidents come, however. Some people say that it is not good to burn ivory. When there is less ivory, the price can go up. There can be more elephant killing, not less.

Difficult words: tusks (the horns that come out of the front of an animal), confiscate (to take something with authority, often something illegal), burn (to destroy by fire).

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