Jackson Zombies in London – level 3

Jackson Zombies in London – level 3

04-11-2016 15:00

Hundreds of groovy ghouls danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller at London’s King’s Cross railway station, and it was one creepy flash mob to see.

Make-up artists were on hand to give a zombie makeovers to anyone interested in joining in. Zombie teachers were even standing on the podium, ready to show people how it’s done.

If you are a fan of the spooky, a spectacle such as this is nothing that you want to miss!

Difficult words: groovy (related to dancing and music, neat), ghoul (a zombie, a monster), creepy (frightening), flash mob (a large group of people who perform something all of the sudden in a public place), spooky (scary), spectacle (a show).

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