Joke about politics – level 3

Joke about politics – level 3

23-9-2011 12:00

A son comes to his father and asks him, “Dad, what’s politics?”

His father thinks for a moment and then starts explaining. “Look, it is something like what we have at home.  I am a capitalist, I make money, I bring money home. Your mother is a government. She takes my money, she keeps some and she divides the rest according to her will.

Our cleaning lady is a working class. She works and we give her money for that. Grandfather is like the police. He makes sure that the capitalist doesn’t do what he wants to the working class.

And you are people because everything we do we do for you. And your little brother is our future. Do you understand?”

The small boy thinks for a moment and then he replies, “I am not sure. I’ll think about that.”

In the middle of the night the boy wakes up because he smells something bad. It is his little brother. He needs to change his Pampers.

He goes to his parents’ room. There is only his mother. He tries to wake her up but she sleeps very hard. The boy goes to the cleaning lady’s room. There he sees his father in bed with the cleaning lady. They are having a good time together. They don’t notice the boy. The boy turns around and in the dark corner there is his grandfather. He is so involved in watching his father and the cleaning lady that he doesn’t see the boy. The boy is very sad and goes back to his room.

In the morning his father asks him, “Do you know what politics is?” The boy replies, “Yes, I do. But it is different from what you told me yesterday.” Father is surprised, “How is it different?”

“Well, the capitalist does what he wants to the working class. The police are watching and do nothing. The government sleeps very hard and people are completely ignored. And our future is in deep shit.

Written by Danny

We apologize for the bad word.

New words: make sure, notice, involved.

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