Joke about rich brothers - level 1

Joke about rich brothers - level 1

02-01-2016 12:00

Three rich brothers wanted to do something special for their old mother. She had her birthday. The first brother bought her a big house. The second brother gave her a big car, with a driver. The third brother remembered that his mother loved to read, but she had bad eyes. So he gave her a special parrot. This parrot could read books.

Soon, the brothers got letters from their mother. The first letter said, "The house is very big. I only live in one room, but I must clean all house."

The second son got a letter, "I don’t go out very often. I don’t need the car and the driver is a bad man."

The third son got a letter, "My sweet boy, you know what your mother loves. The chicken was very tasty."

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