Jump from Mount Everest - level 2

Jump from Mount Everest - level 2

05-06-2013 14:00

Sixty years after the first climb to the top of Mount Everest a 48-year-old Russian added another record.

This man was preparing himself for a jump for more than two years. He and his team of photographers, a camera crew and local people climbed up from the base camp to the jumping location. The weather was bad but the brave man jumped and he flew from the highest mountain in the world.

The first moments of this jump were the most critical because the air is very thin around Mount Everest and it is not good for flying. He wore a special suit and he flew with it for nearly one minute at a high speed - more than 120 miles an hour. Then he used his parachute and he landed safely.

Interesting words: crew (group of people who are working together), critical (very important).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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