Kangaroo in a shop - level 3

Kangaroo in a shop - level 3

22-10-2013 14:00

A shell-shocked shopper in Australia, as a kangaroo accidentally hops into an airport pharmacy.

Wildlife officers were called to the scene to subdue the animal who'd hopped his way past travellers taking refuge in the Melbourne store.

According to reports, he'd been hit by a car beforehand, with officers describing his other injuries.

"He has got injuries to his face at the moment. His claws are quite worn. That's from hopping down the tarmac and things like that."

Following a short standoff, he was eventually subdued with a tranquilliser gun and taken to a vet for treatment.

Difficult words: shell-shocked (stressed), subdue (bring under control), refuge (save and quiet place), claw (animal's big nail), tarmac (surface of the roads), standoff (situation when you can only wait), tranquilliser (drug to reduce stress).

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