Karate Kick - level 3

Karate Kick - level 3

14-11-2016 07:00

A pensioner stopped a jewellery thief in his way by karate kicking him to the ground. The 84-year old man noticed a shop assistant who was shouting after a man dressed in black. Then his instincts kicked in.

His efforts to stop the robbery were successful, but he also took a nasty fall himself. His wife immediately voiced her displeasure at the fact that he put himself in harm's way. Luckily, he was found to be fine and the thief was quickly arrested by staff.

The only downside of his heroic act was that his wife did not speak to him for four hours.

Difficult words: kick in (start to work), nasty (unpleasant), harm’s way (a situation when you can be harmed), downside (the negative part of something).

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