KFC to Gaza - level 3

KFC to Gaza - level 3

22-05-2013 06:00

People living in the besieged Gaza Strip have been tucking into bargain buckets thanks to a group of KFC smugglers. The enterprising company arranges delivery of the fried chicken from Egypt, through a network of tunnels which are used to avoid the blockade around the city.

"People who have been abroad and have tried the KFC meals and liked them now want to try them in Gaza since they miss the taste."

Now, it's not exactly fast food. This batch was held for almost five hours while the Hamas-run tunnels committee examined the paper work. Once it finally arrives the now cold chicken is loaded onto the back of motorcycles before being delivered to people's homes.

"We heard that they were being delivered from Al Arish so we asked them to tell the company to deliver to Gaza. We called them and they brought us the meals. They were late, but thank god they are here."

Gaza has become dependent on tunnels for bringing in goods. Crossings into the city are frequently shut down and the number of registered trucks that can bring goods in are limited. Tunnels provide a solution to this. Although Hamas is not happy about KFC meals being sold for 35 US dollars, they're regulating delivery and collecting tax as they do on all other goods.

Interesting words: besieged (surrounded with armed forces), tuck into (eat), bargain (cheaper than usual), smuggler (person who takes something to other country illegally), batch (bigger amount of something).

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