Koala stops the traffic – level 3

Koala stops the traffic – level 3

06-04-2016 15:00

What a place to take a stroll! This koala had to be escorted to safety by police from a busy Australian highway. The native marsupial wandered across the Brisbane Valley Highway where he stopped the busy traffic.

This video posted to Facebook shows cars stopped on the roadway while a policeman shepherds the animal to safety.

The amused motorists looked on as the koala ambled and hopped casually along the highway before eventually taking refuge in greenery next to the road. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the police officer stayed close to the koala until it climbed a tree to safety.

Despite their rather cute appearance, experts say koalas shouldn't be picked up due to their sharp claws.

Difficult words: stroll (a relaxed walk), marsupial (a mammal like the kangaroo and the koala), wander (to walk without a specific destination), amused (entertained), shepherd (to guide), amble (to walk slowly and in a relaxed way), take refuge (to find a safe place), due to (because of), claw (an animal’s nail).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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