Lamp post hit a bus – level 3

Lamp post hit a bus – level 3

02-04-2013 14:00

The moment a lamp post crashes through the windscreen of a bus travelling on a highway in China is caught by onboard surveillance cameras. The driver who ends up stuck underneath the blue pole manages to change gears and bring the bus under control.

Another camera shows the lamp post narrowly miss passengers. Despite suffering a ruptured spleen the driver managed to steer the bus to the road side before getting to his feet, evacuating the 26 passengers onboard and phoning emergency services. He was later treated in hospital.

A camera at the front of the bus shows the lamp post being knocked down by a car on the opposite side of the road.

Interesting words: windscreen (front window of a bus), surveillance (watching), gears (different speeds in a car), ruptured (broken), spleen (organ near your stomach), steer (control the direction of a car).

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