Large landslide in China - level 3

Large landslide in China - level 3

07-07-2014 15:00

A large landslide in a village in southwest China has been captured on camera.

It happened on Saturday afternoon and witnesses say four villagers were collecting herbs in the area at the time and were buried by the fallen mass of earth and rocks.

Rescuers rushed to the site to search for the victims and evacuate local residents, as large rocks continued to fall down the hill.

One victim was rescued around four hours after the landslide and was taken to a local hospital, where his or her condition was described as stable. But three other villagers remain missing.

The falling rocks and mud also blocked a 300 meter-long section of road in the village.

It's thought the landslide was triggered by recent heavy rain in the area.

Difficult words: mass (a big amount of something), victim (somebody who is hurt in an accident), be triggered (be caused by something).


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