Learning how to swim - level 3

Learning how to swim - level 3

11-09-2011 13:00

Otter Babies Swimming Lesson

Did you know that otters have to be taught how to swim? Mom has to teach her babies how to be as home in water as they are on land. At around 30 days of age, otter pups (babies) are strong enough to begin their swimming lessons, but sometimes they’re not the most enthusiastic students.

Mom teaches each pup (baby) individually and it helps her to focus her full attention on each pup and each lesson. She teaches the babies in levels. She first teaches them to float. After floating comes swimming. When the baby is confident as a swimmer, mom teaches them to dive and move underwater. Then she teaches each baby how to dry off and stay warm after swimming in the pool.

Once the baby’s lesson is over, mom carefully carries the little one back to the den where they immediately sleep and get some much needed rest. Before long, the babies are confident swimmers and well on their way to becoming the expert swimmers that all otters seem to be. 

Written by Danny

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