Legendary Nazi Train – level 3

Legendary Nazi Train – level 3

07-10-2016 07:00

Legend has it that in 1945, the Nazis filled a train with up to 300 tons of gold, jewels, and masterpieces and then drove it into secret tunnels in an area of Germany which is now part of Poland. There is no evidence that the train or any trains ever existed and searches have been fruitless.

A group of Polish enthusiasts decided to build a full-size replica of this famous train, and the group is building it in a former wood processing factory. So far, the group has built an armoured wagon, which is over 12 metres long. Next, the enthusiasts will build three armoured freight cars and an armoured locomotive.

Then they will rearrange everything and connect it to a tunnel, which will give the impression that the train has arrived to be loaded. The group hopes that it will become a tourist attraction which will revive the area's popularity.

Difficult words: fruitless (useless, without results), enthusiast (a person who is very interested in something), former (ex-), freight car (a railway wagon for carrying freight – cargo, things).

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