Leopard eats very much - level 2

Leopard eats very much - level 2

09-05-2014 15:00

A snow leopard jumped over a fence into a sheep pen. Later, herdsmen found it so stuffed that it could not jump back. Once the herdsmen managed to get it moving again, the leopard was released back into the wild.

Snow leopards are extremely rare. They are more rare than giant pandas. They are one of the most highly protected animals in China. This leopard was just under one and a half metres in length and it weighed around 100 kilograms, but snow leopards can get much bigger.

Difficult words: pen (enclosed area for animals), herdsman (keeper of a herd of domesticated animals), stuffed (completely full).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Do your pets eat too much?

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