Leopard in a well - level 3

Leopard in a well - level 3

28-07-2014 15:00

A wild leopard has been rescued from the bottom of a well in a rural part of India.

Villagers and forest officials scrambled to the scene in the Indian Province of Gujarat to help get  the animal out.

Local men involved in the effort said they heard noises from the well and on approaching the area, they discovered the leopard stuck inside.

The rescuers attempted to ensnare the leopard in a rope, but the animal growled and pounced fiercely when it was being caught. Eventually, the leopard was saved without sustaining any injuries. It was pulled out of the well and into a cage by a rope tightened around its tail. It’s believed the leopard has strayed into the village in search of prey and fell into the well during the night.

Difficult words: rural (far away from cities), scramble (move quickly), attempt (try), ensnare (catch an animal in a trap), growl (make a long deep angry sound), pounce (try to attack), fiercely (violently), eventually (in the end), stray (wander), prey (animal which is eaten by another animal).

Source: www.itn.co.uk

Are there many wild animals where you live?

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