Leopard on a house - level 3

Leopard on a house - level 3

28-04-2014 15:00

This shocking footage shows the moment a leopard emerged from the rooftop of a house in India.

Panic loomed among the residents of the village, as the leopard ran wild after being found. Just as the leopard is found in the rooftop, residents can be seen clambering away from it in fear.

The animal can then be seen attacking a man, as he tries to escape, falling over a wall.

The frightening footage later shows the leopard straying into the village, scaring the residents and forcing them to run for their lives.

Meanwhile the animal, probably as scared as the residents, ran into the bathroom of a hut to hide from the crowd.

Luckily, no injuries have been reported in the incident.

Difficult words: emerge (to appear), loom (appear), clamber (move using both hands and feet), stray (move), hut (small simple building with one or two rooms).

Source: www.itn.co.uk

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