Lion is shot in Kenya – level 3

Lion is shot in Kenya – level 3

12-04-2016 07:00

Killed for attacking a man while running wild in Kenya, this lion was shot dead after escaping from Nairobi National Park, the stray injuring a local resident along the way.

Kenyan rangers opened fire on the animal, fearing more people would be hurt. Footage shows the lion was trying to break free and run away whilst the gunshots and screams echoed in the air.

"I was expecting the KWS people to disable the animal because of that it became wild. And members of the public were also... their numbers were also growing up, so the population was growing, excitement was there."

This is the third incident of a lion wandering from the park and causing chaos in the capital in the recent weeks. The previous strays were able to be captured and returned to protected areas. An entirely different ending in this case.

Difficult words: stray (an animal that is not in the place it is supposed to be), wander (to walk without a specific destination).


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