Lion kills lioness - level 2

Lion kills lioness - level 2

27-11-2013 06:00

A male lion killed a lioness at a zoo in Texas. Many visitors didn’t realise what was happening. They thought that the animals were playing.

Staff at the zoo were shocked and confused by the incident. They have no idea why the lion killed the lioness. The two lions lived together in peace for a long time.

Some witnesses described the sad incident. One man said that there was no blood, and that the lion held the lioness for about 10 to 15 minutes until she was lifeless. The vice president of the zoo has been in the zoo business for 35 years. He has never seen anything like this until now.

Difficult words: lioness (female lion), staff (workers), lifeless (dead).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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