Lions can swim - level 3

Lions can swim - level 3

16-05-2014 15:00

A group of little lion cubs passed their swimming test, as they were introduced to the water by keepers at a zoo in Washington.

The cubs were tossed into a moat by staff at the National Zoo and, although irritated by the unexpected dunk, they all managed to swim safely to the side.

The baby lions successfully passed their swim reliability test, which lions and tigers at the zoo must pass to demonstrate their maturity and potential dangers of their outdoor exhibition area.

All four 10-week-old cats held their heads above water, and three paddled to the shallow end and climbed on to dry land. Apart from one little one, who took a short cut instead, scampering out the same way that he entered.

Difficult words: cub (young lion), toss (throw), moat (hole with water), irritate (to make somebody feel bad), dunk (getting in water), paddle (to swim with short, quick movements), scamper (to run with quick short steps).


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