Little otter in Chicago - level 3

Little otter in Chicago - level 3

14-11-2014 15:00

An aquarium in Chicago has welcomed a five-week-old orphaned southern sea otter pup.

Currently referred to as Pup 681, the fuzzy female pup weighs just under six pounds (2.7 kg) and is 22 inches long (56 cm).

Officials say the pup is doing really well and has already taken formula from a bottle and has begun eating solid foods, like shrimp and clams.

The aquarium says the pup's situation was urgent when she was found in September on Coastways Beach in California.

Officials say when they found the pup, she had likely been separated from her mother for at least 16 hours, creating a critical situation, requiring her to be fed as quickly as possible.

Difficult words: orphaned (parentless), fuzzy (covered with soft short hair), formula (a type of liquid food for babies that is similar to a woman's breast milk), clam (a kind of a seashell).


How would you name the otter? :-)

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