Long trip with no money - level 2

Long trip with no money - level 2

31-07-2015 15:00

A man decided to test lessons which he learned from the Dalai Lama and he went on a pilgrimage. He and others went on a 322-kilometre journey from London to Glastonbury.

The people had no money – they wanted to see if it was possible to live through kindness. It seems, that in 21st century Britain, it is.

The man talked about their experience – he said that when you smile at people, take time to understand their story, then they will come forward and are naturally kind. One woman gave them rice and a man brought them all tea. And one time, a person even gave them the  keys to his flat!

Difficult words: pilgrimage (a journey, usually to a special place), kindness (kind behaviour or nice behaviour), experience (something that happens to you).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Would you like to live from kindness?

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