Lost dog is found - level 3

Lost dog is found - level 3

08-09-2014 15:00

A dog has been reunited with his owner after being stranded for a week on the cliffs of a town in Somerset.

Sprig the Springer Spaniel had been missing for more than a week when a Minehead lifeboat crew spotted the pup. The Minehead RNLI found the nine-year-old dog near Fallen Light House hungry and thirsty, but otherwise in good health.

“You go for it!”

“That’s it, Craig! Come on!”

“Just grab him!”

The crew had taken their boat close to the cliffs after noticing what they thought was a sheep trapped, but just as they were turning away, they saw some movement catch their eye.

“How did you get up there?”

“So when you’re ready get as close as you can.

Sprig was perched just 30 feet (9 metres) above water when the crew managed to jump ashore and climb up to him. Once he was moved to safety, he was reunited with his owners who’d organised huge search parties in the area.

Difficult words: stranded (stuck), spot (see), perch (balance), huge (very big), search party (group of people which looks for something or someone lost).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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