Lucky grandmother and grandson - level 3

Lucky grandmother and grandson - level 3

30-01-2014 14:00

It’s amazing they survived.

A grandmother and her five-year-old grandson miraculously escaped serious injury when they were run over in Brazil, and CCTV caught the incident on camera.

Two cars collided, and one hit a parked hatchback, which was sent flying towards the pair, running them over.

“I saw them. Those two cars hit each other over there. I tried to get out of the way but there wasn’t time. When that white car ran over my back, I didn’t see anything else.”

The two victims were immediately taken to a hospital in Anapolis. After a series of exams, it was determined they only had minor injuries.

“I was hurt here, here and on the ear.”

After staying overnight in the hospital, the pair were both discharged and are at home recuperating.

Both motorists involved in the accident blamed the lack of traffic lights at the intersection.

Difficult words: run over (hit somebody with a vehicle and drive over them), CCTV (security camera), collide (hit), hatchback (medium-sized car with two doors), discharge (officially allow somebody to leave), recuperate (recover), intersection (place where roads cross each other).

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