Man and a moose - level 3

Man and a moose - level 3

08-07-2015 07:00

Conservation officials in British Columbia have launched an investigation into a video which was posted online last weekend. The minute-long video shows a man standing on the bow of a speedboat, chasing a moose across a body of water. And then, this happens.

Canadian officials say they received numerous calls from members of the public who had seen the video and are now trying to identify the man involved and work out exactly where it was filmed. It's thought it may have been shot last July in the northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park.

This story comes shortly after another viral video caused outrage among conservationists, showing two men surfing on the back of a whale shark.

It's not the first time something like this has happened in Canada, either. In 2013, two men were fined 2,500 dollars for harassing a moose on Ontario Lake.

Authorities say the actions of the man in this video are illegal, and if tracked down, he could face a fine of up to 100,000 dollars.

Difficult words: bow (front), numerous (many), fine (to make somebody pay for something bad they have done), harass (to do something bad to somebody).


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