Man catches a bank robber - level 3

Man catches a bank robber - level 3

26-06-2014 15:00

A man who was queuing up at bank in south London got more than he bargained for, as he ended up catching a bank robber.

James Rowley, who said he was in a bad mood that day, was in a Lloyds Bank when masked robber Andrew Fernandez suddenly burst in and waved a gun at the cashier.

After a moment or two, Rowely noticed the gun was fake and the robber.

In a statement he said he asked Fernandez to leave and when Fernandez tried to escape, he chased after him.

James Rowley, who is a window cleaner, chased the armed robber down the street and caught him and then waited for police to arrive.

He was later presented with a commendation for his actions and given £1,200 for his bravery from the Metropolitan police.

Andrew Fernandez was jailed for life for attempted armed robbery.

Difficult words: bargain for (to not expect that something will happen), challenge (to confront), commendation (recognition).


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