Man cuts fruit with cards - level 3, A12

Man cuts fruit with cards - level 3, A12

27-08-2012 22:00

If your carrot slicers stopped working, this man could come in very handy.
The 48-year-old from Eastern China is challenging the Guinness World Record for throwing playing cards to slice vegetables.

He’s been training for 10 years to slice fruit and veg and has even progressed to cutting watermelons.

The tool of his trade is a 2-metre high frame with a few cucumber shaped bags hanging from it.

His goal is to cut 18 cucumbers in 60 seconds by the end of the year to get the world record.


Interesting words: slicer (knife for cutting vegetable), handy (useful), veg (vegetable), tool of your trade (thing that you need to do your job), frame (structure made of wood or plastic).


This text is for Level 3. Please click here for Level 1 and Level 2.

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